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Welcome To My World of Imagination and Creativity
Gary Hampton

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The Artistry of Gary Hampton's Gallery

After a fulfilling career as a Higher Education Professor and Administrator at  Austin Community College and Rice University,  I embarked on a new chapter of my life in retirement.

Despite a lifelong interest in drawing and painting,  it wasn't until recently that I fully pursued my passion.

I have always been fascinated with watercolor painting as it allows me  to blend the water and pigment in so many different ways. I have tried many different mediums but always return to my love of watercolor.

 I have also done woodworking for most of my life but have recently fallen in love with the creativity of lathe woodturning. I have also become fascinated with developing pens and bottlestoppers on the lathe.

As a Texas Master Naturalist, my artistic inclinations gravitate towards the wonders of nature through my painting and woodworking.

I find the natural world full of inviting opportunities for me to express my love of nature through art. 

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